The Harvest

by Ann Foster

Gather in the field, collect up the harvest,

stay together and be aware.

Do not stare into the night, too long…

Get up with the dawn, work early.

Work all day and know that all is well.

Do not fear what you cannot see.

That is not important. That is how it should be.

Keep your eyes on the seeds you have sown.

The crops are ready, bring them in.

They will keep you through the winter,

and feed your family, and your kin.


There will be some that need more help.

They did not plan as well.

Fear not, it is a gift, that you have been given;

an abundance of both heart, and home.

Blessings on your life, your family, your friends.

Share in all things. Love thy neighbor, as you would yourself…

Your table will be bountiful, your home will have no leaks,

Your children will not go hungry in the famine of recklessness.

Be cheered. Be happy. Be at peace.

Love, beyond your limits,

and you will know no bounds…

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August 11, 2021 • 12:00PM


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