Resource Six

                         Our Story

J&L maintains a seed bank of over 1500 varieties of  tomatoes peppers, corns and melons. Many of these are native to the Southwestern United States. Others are heirloom varieties we have found and continue to maintain.  

It is only with a wealth of genetic diversity that we can adapt to climate change and avoid crop failures in the future. We work to bolster the resilience of food crops in the face of rapidly changing seasons and temperatures as well as increasing resistance to new pests and diseases.

We also collaborate with other independent research farms to introduce valuable traits from rare variants and wild species into domesticated crops. Our methods involve traditional crossing and selection practices. No shortcuts are taken. We believe GMOs are a violation of natural order.  This means lines may take a decade or more of careful selection to show results. Varieties are released when they are deemed stable, or earlier, on a trial or experimental basis.

All varieties are open-pollinated so the seed can be saved and come true to type. We encourage you to look for J&L varieties in your seed catalogs and to encourage other seed companies to carry them. 

Enjoy, share, and reap a harvest from our bountiful Earth.